Tuesday, 21 August 2012

276 : Twins Fact ll

Contrary to popular belief,
Twins do not read each other's minds.
Well, from talking to many twin friends, fraternal or identical ,we just don't.
I have yet to meet one pair that can, lol.

The mind reading thing is more like a habit.
Take for example, when eating something new, i roughly know if my brother likes it or not. Its like an understanding of what my brother likes and does, in a particular situation he know what i would do and me for him.

Like once we were at the dinner table, i asked him a question which he replied, nothing out of the ordinary, but only after dinner then my family asked us what we were talking about. Apparently we were mumbling the whole time and no one understood us.. Secret language achieved!! Often without noticing we don't have to complete our sentences for us to understand each other.. Lols. One word understanding of a thousand things.

Really funny how opposites my brother and I are. We both have a common interest of art but different brunches. Like he prefers sketching while i prefer watercolour, he prefers drawing rough edges while mine, smooth edges, even our sculpting techniques are different. Biggest differences is i dance while he plays music.  lol, he has two left feet and I'm practically tone deaf. Everyone says he should play something while i dance. :P

Having a twin, i just wanna say you people with twin fetish, YOU NASTY!! Lol. And no, i don't know or rather not want to know if my bro is gay, don't go telling me statistics of chances he is.. lol

That's all the questions most people ask me so far..

Any twins out there reading this?
Lol, i would like to know you.. Can chit chat experiences.
Can email me?.. :P



  1. Imagine if you felt each other's orgasms... XD

    1. ohhh I like where William is headed!!

  2. Oh my, to William's comment.

    One question, is your twin brother with you in Australia ?

    1. Yea.. We been on the same path since primary school..

  3. Replies
    1. yes you are.. That statement untuk you one..

  4. Replies
    1. Lol, really feels like a normal sibling one.. or maybe i'm just used to it?.. ><

  5. i have a twin sister (i'm a closeted guy, she's married with kids) and no, we do not read each other's mind and we don't give a shit about each other's life. she's a muslim convert and i'm a semi-atheist (got meh?)
    we do not share similar interests (OK, may be cocks?lol)

    - just your blog reader

    1. Ooo!! So cool! The twin part, not the cocks part. Haha! Thats why.. people always say different gender wouldn't be close at the end one... =/

  6. Well you are both artistic and musical obviously :) That's similar, just that he picked a different instrument and style.

    1. Rock paper scissors'ed in my mum's womb and decided who gets what.. lol