Saturday, 11 August 2012

270 : Peter Pan

Was watching Peter Pan today.

At the end of the movie,
Wendy said :

"Oh, mother, We are back! All except the lost boys, they weren't quite ready ; to grow up! That's why they went back to Never Land ; But i am ; to grow up!"


Really got me thinking..
I am hell not ready to grow up..

I really don't have much to look forward to in the future..
It's not like i can get married, have my own child and all that..
I got my education part already laid out on a silver platter and yet I am really not looking forward to see what i will be doing in 5 years time..

And people say surrogate mother and all that but..
Whose sperm?.. Yours or your partner's?
And if you get two child with both your own sperm and partner's with same mother..
That's the fear of them not getting along and bias'ness and all that..

Been thinking of the future alot lately..
About where i will be, who* i will be with etc..

I'm thinking too much for my age..



  1. Dude, don't la think it that way...time wise, yes, we are always at the losing end cause we are all "force" to grow up... but my point is that you could compromise it with having a positive attitude for what future has to offer and I believed you are smart enough to handle marriage situation with your parents...NO?

  2. oh darling, just go with the flow of nature.. i'm pretty sure somehow mother nature knows best =)

  3. hahaha you're still too young to be thinking about surrogacy and offspring.

  4. that't what thinkers do. Fyi, males can get pregnant too, via dystocia, a disorder but still possible. However, the ovum well still requires from a surrogate mother. Yet, when the child is born you can still claim that you have been pregnant with the kid for 9 months instead of the surrogate mother.

    something to think about though!

  5. Indeed you are over thinking.

    But lets say you have a partner, are you sure that you would want to have a child (disregard the mode of delivery) ?

  6. get a boyfriend first, then get marry, then worry -__-

    go step by step dude~ its still a long way ahead.

    1. I like this one vincent, worry one step at a time, otherwise you'll be just planning [read : dreaming] and never make them come true

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