Monday, 6 August 2012

266 : 2 Types of Parties

Been so busy these few days that i hardly even spend time at home besides sleeping anymore..
Had two parties last week, a drunk party & games party.


The drunk party was spontaneous.
After a club meeting on a thursday evening, the committee members went to have dinner together (Just note that the brunch manager of the Papparich i went to looks like Jaychau but hotter.. Will get a pic one day). After the dinner the president decided it would be a good idea to have a drinking session at his place on a Thursday night and surprisingly, class or no class on the next day, a lot of us followed up with his plan.

Bought liquor from the local store and the drinking games started.
First girl to K.O, she took out her phone and started showing people pictures of her cat, domokun and fish, which someone proceeded to ask her had she ate her fish for breakfast, her reply, "Not Yet".
First time getting tipsy, everything seemed like a good idea.. The xbox wasn't loading and i was up front pressing the "continue" button on the TV screen thinking it was touch screen.. Followed up with replying group whatsapp messages and tipsy texting to someone.. I'm sorry to the guy that received my text... :(

Everyone did stupid things and only one person vomited..
Compared to the Christmas Party last year, this was seem so mild.. Lol


Apparently another group of friends planned a buffet dinner and party for my friend's birthday on Saturday during my tipsy session and i didn't remember reading anything..

Saturday itself someone wrote the attendance list on whatsapp and i went "O.o.. am i suppose to be somewhere right now..?".. And i had to be at the casino for dinner in 30 mins.. When i met new people they were "so you the drunk guy that texted all those stuff.." Embarrassing..

Rush to iron my shirt and made it on time.
After dinner, i watched my friends lose or gain money, then we went to my friend's house at 10pm.

Played Charades. I was so mean, we made M do all the funniest actions for his team members to guess, 'Kim possible' and 'Fergelicous'

Imagine a really muscular guy putting a sharp boobs gesture on his chest over and over a gain trying to imitate Kim Possible's sharp boobs or trying to make people guess her song 'call me beep me if you want to reach me', just to have everyone scream "CALL ME MAYBE??"..
We then made him snap his finger and act all sexy with "Fegelicious"..

Can't find those moves anywhere else but Cherades..  lol

Ended the party with 3 hours of Mafia till 4am.. Went back to the casino for drinks and then proceeded home..
Got screamed at by drunks on my way home, scary shit but i guess that's what i get for walking back alone at 4 something.. Thank god they weren't hostile..


Anyways, just two really differnt types of party i went to.
Prefer to be at the second one.. everyone was playing games and laughing together.
Quality time with friends. =D

Happy Monday Blues



  1. I love Mafia!! :D Sucha cool and stressful game xD

    1. I know right?? I kena kicked out like twice on the second round as the mafia.. LOL..

  2. Always love the game of Mafia. So devious and fun getting someone killed .

    1. Lol, there is another version called Warewolf! Sounds awesomely fun too! =D

  3. Ohhhhh isit the M that I talked to you about yesterday ah? hahaha not bad not bad :P

    But I still prefer your other friend.... muahahahaha :P

    1. Lol, yes Mr.M. Haha, chech... One day i intro to you want or not?? Then you can top him. LOL

  4. Love you LCw?? sweet. Me too me too.

  5. I can never understand Mafia.

    1. Why?? I play with you one day. =D

  6. i need to chat with u abt something ! when are u on msn !