Monday, 27 August 2012

279 : The "Oh i didn't see you" lie.

Walking around in the city, I recognized a familiar face,
Someone from one of my classes, not close friends to the point I don't even remember his name, but just normal "hi-bye" friends. 

Then the thoughts come.. :
"Do i say hi if i don't know his name? Saying hi would just be awkward, we wouldn't have anything to talk about and maybe he wouldn't even know who i am, our class is only 1 hour and we don't even social in class. What if i say hi and he don't know who i am and i realize its the wrong person??"

Then the decision is final. Pretend i did not see him at all. Don't know if he caught me staring or he actually saw me, just walk straight with a busy look on my face. Tap my phone a bit, maybe i would look like i am actually rushing for something, smile to myself abit too.. I'm such an awesome actor. lols

Two days later before class he comes to talk to me :
"Hey! I think i saw you at Lonsdale street last week, you were walking up right?"
"Oh really?? I didn't see you, you should have come say hi!"
"Maybe next time i will"
"Haha, okays."

In my mind.. 



  1. in those case I always said:

    "I thought it was the wrong person! So you know how awkward it can get, and since we didn't meet eye to eye, haha I just ran along XD"

  2. this is pure evil!!!!!!!!!!!! WUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Hahahaha. I would normally say "sorry I didn't realise at all honestly" with an innocent face.

  4. I think it's more polite to just smile when we are in that situation.


  5. is that particular friend an australian? if he is, normally aussies x mind if you just stop and say hi even if u don't know them XD