Saturday, 18 August 2012

274 : That Bitch

Karma is a bitch.
Don't tell yourself : Oh, i always do good deeds, i helped old ladies cross the roads, scratch a dog's butt, open a door for someone or freed the zoo animals etc ; that bad stuff won't get me, that karma won't effect me.
HECK NO!! That bitch will hunt down every single little bad thing you ever have or might have done weather you know it or not and punish you for it regardless of how many good deeds you do.

Stepped on an ant? Someone gonna step on your toe..
Call someone fat? You gonna get fat..
Ate the last cookie? Diabetes...

That bitchy bitchy karma picking the bones from an egg (Chinese proverb) and doing her best to make you realize your mistakes, soon or later, everyone one of them..

What i unintentionally did  to someone is happening to me, each character playing the exact same role but in reverse. Second time karma has bite me on my bubble butt this year and it works in making me go "OMG! WHAT HAVE I DONE BEFORE??".

So karma.. That bitch mama that i have a love/hate relationship with..
Making realize what an evil evil little person i have been..
Oh well.. Better then no relationship right?

And no.. no bubble butt.. yet. :3



  1. oh this relation will be endless till you leave for nirvana.