Tuesday, 7 August 2012

267 : A friend

Meet M beginning of last year during orientation day.
Few guys on the stage and he stood out as the big buffed sized one.
I joined the club and later learned that he was of high influencing power in that club.

Charming smile and an outgoing personality,
He was instantly liked and respected by everyone.

Before I came here for studies,
My friend wanted me to come out to M..
I don't know why she was so excited, or using M's fav words, sexcited. She set up everything, made us sit down and me opposite him across the small coffee table. She sat in the middle of us looking at both of us, fidgeting impatiently.
When i told him, his reply was "Oh. Could have guessed already la".
He was really cool with it and we went to buy stationary together, talking about things he wanted to know and about his gay friends.

He actually promised me to hook me up with his friend if I told him I was gay during the Christmas party.. Wonder is the offer still up, or was it only valid during his drunk state, either way.. I'm too embarrassed to ask..

Anyways, its quite funny at times, i don't know is it intentional but he often forgets about my sexuality. Few weeks ago he mention ordering a Mail Order Bride for me.. But boobs just ain't my thing i guess.. Got to have a firm chest and a penis (firm or not) for me.. Hahaha

He is just the type of person that i can always have a heart to heart with. That day he offered to walk me back to my home to get my passport so i could enter the casino. Really nice of him eh?

Now he wants me to have collaboration with him for a project and I am freaking out!! If i don't meet his standard or other people's standard.. I feel so pressured yet sexited to be working with him.. He told me he really believes that i can do it.. First person to have so much hope in me..
The stress!! >.<

No, i do not have a crush on him..
But i can say he is really hug-gable..

Just a random post to appreciate him..
I should do this more often to thank people for being them.. =D



  1. Ohhh so he's plu lah.... should totally ask him to set you up with his buddies hehehe :P

    But it's nice to have a friend you can talk to, kind of like a big bro... and given his built, he must give nice bear hugs hahahaha :P

  2. whoa, nice wa, got such fren, hug him more, I love hugs