Wednesday, 8 August 2012

268 : Anuptaphobia

Anuptaphobia Noun
1. The Fear of staying single.
There are few types of people, 
People who are :
-Looking for a partner, 
-Looking for a sex partner,
-Waiting patiently for a miracle,
-Happily attached, and,
-Not so loyally attached.. 

Not exactly a phobia I have but as many of us in the plu world who are not looking for a one night of lustful fun, I'm waiting for a miracle.. Lol

Isn't Bellatrix just Sexy??
Was talking to a close friend a few weeks back and somehow we ended up making a promise to each other.
Like Snape and Narcissa making their life bond promise,
Assuming our market value deprecation leaves us with a near minimum netbook market value in 11 years,
We agreed if we are still single by the age of 30, 
We would get together.. Lol

Quite funny now I think about it, yet scary at the same time..
Wonder where everyone will be in 10 years time.
What i will be doing, will I enjoy work etc..

The future is scary isn't it?..



  1. hmm, im still waiting for a partner, but then seems more like a miracle

    1. I know right? Me too.. But miracles do happen as Men in Black has mentioned. :D

  2. so sweetttt!!! If only I have someone to do it with me!! >.<

  3. The future is definitely scary. A close friend of mine said that if I'm single by the time I'm 30, he'd invite me for dinner with his boyfriend every night. LOL

    And Bellatrix scares me! ><

    1. Lolol!! Then find a hubby and bring him for dinner! Lol

      And she is freaking cool what.. My fav character. :D

  4. I'm already 32. You make it sound like the end. XD

    1. Prudence mah.. Better to understate my own value then overstate, later I disappoint myself. You sudah ada anyways what. XD

  5. In 10 years time, will that close friend be hotter ?

  6. So, no matter what u or him turn out to be, the deal's on? XD

  7. minimal net book value lol.

    but hey some ppl still prefer netbooks over ipads. xD

  8. haha sorry I don't believe in miracles, and I really don't think there is a happy ever after.

    I still do believe in love, but I feel every relationship has its expiration, because people change and so do feelings. Some relationships last longer than others, but that doesn't mean we have to be sad that things eventually end.. I think as long as 2 people really have loved each other at a given point in time, then that should be cherished :) Moving on is just part of life... Hahaha sorry I feel like the bad person here for bursting everyone's bubble :P