Monday, 25 July 2011

57: Dance the sickness away!!

Today I've been feeling really sick, since i've slept late and been eating lots of lychee, i got a sore throat and all. Really was hell for me to talk.

Today, one of the merman, lets call him merman M.,  ask me to go out dinner with him between dance practice!! :PPPPPPP
Sadly, i had to reject him, i had to wait for the next batch of dancers to come and drill them. Then he told me he will take away for me. So i thought he went out with a group of friends, then he came back alone with a rice pack in hand and gave it to me. Awwww so sweet!! He told me it was on the "house" and i can pay him back by buying dinner for him another time. :P Wonder if he is bi.. lol
He bought my fav food! I feel guilty now.. i dint finish the food though due to my sickness, i had no appetite to eat..
Will buy him dinner one day!! :P

Happy Klex

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  1. Ooo..*sparks* *sparks*

    Someone is feeling all lovey-dovey already...