Saturday, 2 July 2011

41: Locking Eyes Cliché?

You know that cliché saying you know that person is the one when you lock eyes?
I've tried it. One word. AWKWARD!!! I look away like half a second later, faster then their brain can evem process anything. lol
So anyways, was just wondering, besides the eye thingy, how are plu's suppose to get couple together?
The usual straight way of confessing mostly doesn't work, lots of times the other party isn't a plu.
Is there a secret sign or something? lol

Another nonsensical post i guess. :P


  1. Haha if you find out please share with me! :P

  2. Hahahahahaha~ go out with PLU friends lo? That's how I met Ray, avoiding a PLU friend who got me to go anyway by inviting other people, one of whom was Ray, so I kinda knew for sure he was... one of us ;)

  3. I still believe in the firs sight.

    Well, just like J-boy, do tell us if you happen to find out other method...


  4. Totally agree with it being awkward! Hahaha. I'm totally clueless on how to find THE ONE or anyone for that matter. Like the rest said, let us know if you happen to find out a method! =]

  5. Just look at them in the eyes and smile. Don't look away. Wait for their reaction. It's totally fine to make eye contact. Worst thing that could happen is that you would be perceived as being friendly... or you could be beaten up. Haha. Kidding kidding. It's totes harmless. Trust me.