Tuesday, 19 July 2011

52: The pressure..

The pressure i currently face is unbearable..
The thought of every single deadline crashing down on me..
The expectations of  others..
The expectations of myself..
I'm at the break of tears..

Today i toke the decision of pulling the plug on something i've been working hard on for the pass 3 weeks..
I had no choice.. Putting the choreography that i thought worthy on the opening stage would end in disaster, i would be the one to blame if things go wrong.
I'm being watched constantly, by the ones wielding powers, by the ones that judge, the ones that put the responsibility one me. I should have said no.

10 more days till my life crashes down on me.
4 major projects due and 2 test that contributes to my Atar the whole next week..
Huge scale dance performance on Friday and saturday. 3 more practices to go... No choreography to show till now..
I'm wasting people's time, my grades are dropping, im going into depression soon..
I really have no idea what to do....
I feel like running away..


  1. Letting go of something you intend to complete is a tough choice, but it sounds like the right thing to do for your situation.

    I think it's important to consider things on an overall scale, sometimes sacrificing 1 thing to salvage others is the way to go.

    On another hand, I admire those who are not afraid to take on responsibility, even though it may overwhelm them. But never try, never know right? At least now you know what your limit is. hope it all works out!

    p.s. OMG sorry I had to add, the verification word is 'tulnesse'. Doesn't it remind us of someone? :P

  2. run into my arms , and legs

  3. Take a deep deep breathe, tackle things one by one.

    You'll get there !


  4. Thanks Jboy and Chen Xing (ooi2009 too.. i guess.. lol)!! I toke damn long to think and set my priorities straight and all. Today went to college, teacher told us she is postponing the project due date from tomorrow to Monday. So most of the stress relieved! Now can tackle one by one! :P

    TUL(s)NESSE? haha, I wonder... :P