Monday, 11 July 2011

46: The stare down.

"You enter a restaurant.
Being escorted by the waiter to your table, you take a glance around you while walking, checking for people around and what they are eating. Suddenly, you lock eyes with someone, he or she gives you a stern stare before swiftly diverting their eyes away. 
"He thinks he is better then you!", a voice inside you tells you as the eye contact is oh-so rudely broken. Tragically, you are sited opposite to that person. 
Eye contacts are at a maximum. Exchanging stares from time to time. Each interval, you think of a trait you posses and comparing it to him, convincing yourself you are so much better then him.
The whole meal continues with the frequent stares. Putting yourself up an ego pedestal, knocking him down with every trait you think he might not have.
Suddenly, he stands up and leaves.
VICTORY!!, you are the winner of your imaginary one sided battle. You are awesome. "

Just another day of my life when i need boost. Yes i know I'm a bit weird but that's me! haha



  1. haha whenever i go eat with my parents, they have the habit of staring (non discreetly) at other tables and eavesdropping on their conversations... and i always tell them it's rude to do so.

    which is why i never look at anything other than the food and the people at my table. I think it's kinda cool when you can sense that someone is staring at you but you purposely don't look back and pretend they are not there.
    In a way that shows confidence and perhaps they will stop staring also because eventually they lose interest :P

  2. Hahahaha but why stare at the inferior masses when I can just admire my own reflection in the glasses and mirrors? :3

  3. make a straight face while "googling them(the hawt)"

  4. To jboy, haha, but i do it discreetly, only between the target individual. I feel damn embarrassed sometimes when my parent actually look over to the other table as in the whole body stretch too the maximum, to see what the other table is eating.. lol

    To Cyren, hahahahahh!! Self love la you..

    To Bradley, huh?.. lol, i dont understand.. :(