Thursday, 21 July 2011

54: Teen Wolf

 Anyone watching the series teen wolf??
The plot some how attracted my attention, not the mention the main characters too!!
I've only watch the first 2 episodes and in both episodes Scott (Tyler Posey) is without a shirt!!
First time im actually fandoming over a celebrity!

Im too lazy to search for more pictures..
Been dancing few hours non stop almost for 3 weeks straight now.. One more week to go till the big performance!! Anyone wants to come watch? :P



  1. haha, taylors dance club performance on the 29th and the 30th, 8 to 10pm. Tickets are Rm15 but door ticket Rm20. >.<

  2. the show is a crap , i saw it when it first aired . You want to see flesh , see dantes cove

  3. i hate it coz the is sometimes unnecessary show of flesh , the storyline is crap and worse than twilight , and the weird mother that creeps up to talk to her half naked son , fucking lame and disgusting . I dun mind a show with hot pple , but teen wolf is simply bullshit . For some good storyline and better flesh , watch true blood ok , zzzz

  4. To ooi.. lol, sorry make you upset.. true la.. the story line is a bit cliche with all the werewolf and all. okay la, i will start watching true blood. :]

    To vin, haha, OKAY! :P

  5. True Blood is amazing!!!! Hahahaha