Sunday, 17 July 2011

51: Jogging Fun!

For the first time in my life, i willingly joined a running event. Well, sort of.. My friend wrote my name down and paid for me.  :P Jogging for Hope 2011. With the amount of people that came for the race, it was impossible to start in front. Everyone was cramp in the front.. Guess who i spotted in the front? Vin Ong!! Lol, i felt damn stalkist knowing who he was, saying hi would make it officially stalker. haha
Yea.. I started from the back..
Surprisingly, i had a blast!! I previously had promised to walk with my friend but with the amount of people running, adrenaline rush!! Started running like a crazy person, howeverrr, i had to stop for my friend.. lol, she has no stamina..  Soon, i had no choice but to dump her and told her "i jom dulu". lol

Overall, the race was a success! Kudos for you organizers for organizing such a big scale event!!
My timming was horrible though.. 50mins for 6km.. lol?
One comment though.. My god! The whole 6 km course consist of like 4km of up hill.. like whatt?...
I ran so slow, the sun was up half way through. :P

Klex <3


  1. Hey! Please, you're not a stalker ok! Should've said hi to me. I was so bored, trying to look for familiar faces! Hahahah. Would've been nice to meet you.

    Anyway, Congrats! 50 mins for 6km is good! =)

    So, ...expect that you'll be joining more runs in the future yah?!

  2. Lol, will be damn weird for you to see an 18 year old kid going up to you and saying "hi! im ____!" right?
    Stalkist comment : You damn fair!! Never go under the sun isit?? Damn jealous your skin tone & love your earrings! i want get one too! :P

    50min damn cha la.. you ran 10km in 1 hour.. See you in next run! lol :P

  3. Waa.. Thanks for reminding me that I'm so much older! Aiya, it will only be awkward if I reply, "Err, do I know you?". Hahah!

    Got wert. I was running under the sun today right? I'm really not that fair lah. It's just an optical illusion. Lol

    When's your next run? Penang bridge? :D

  4. klex , vin is naturally fair , except for one spot , there quite nice , just brown abit

  5. aiya i should have go lo, my friend asked... but like so lazy.... :(

  6. To vin, dunno if can anot.. exams during that time and i lazy to go up to penang.. haha, and confirm one you will give me the "who are you?" look. :P

    To ooi, honestly he looks like Edward Cullen.. The brown spot ah.. That i dunno lo..

    To Keeceejay, Your friend not persuasive enough.. My friend sign me up and gave me the resit and told me to go. lol