Sunday, 24 July 2011

55: Shopping with Mum

So today, it was just my mum and i, rest of the family members had their own things to attend to.
I was damn tired from work but mum still wanted to take me out.  Haha, she wanted to go shopping with so we went to midvalley.
As usual, midvalley is hell to go on a weekend, the jam, the cars, its almost impossible to find a parking. Damn epically, my mum made a wrong turn while stalking a couple and found a parking in less then 5 mins!! lol, anyone else stalk people at the exits?
It was almost 8.30 before we went for dinner at madam kwan's. My mum was being so childish, she told me she wanted to eat fried noddles but the second i told her i wanted nasi lemak, she got so excited.
"2 nasi lemak please", she ordered. haha.
When the food came, we both stared at each other for a while, we knew what each of us was thinking but only and only the words "Die lo.. its damn unhealthy.. eat so late somemore" came out of her mouth.  We stilled enjoyed out food anyways, been so long since we ate nasi lemak. :P
We walked passed a feminine guy after dinner and my mum actually asked me "what do you think makes a person gay?" with a slight discussed look on her face. WTFFF LOL! Told her "dunno" and at the right moment, someone cut between us and the topic was forgotten. lol
Good to know what my coming out life has installed for me. Wonderful huh?

Bought a singlet by nukleus.  Such a sexy brand. :P

The packaging is so cool. <3
Haha, had a fun day with mummy. Hope we can go shopping together again soon. :P



  1. Was at Midvalley just now...


  2. Parking in MidValley is a NIGHTMARE even during weekdays! Hahaha. I never stalk people at the exits. Coz most of the times, they'll pretend as if they don't remember where they parked. And I never follow people either. They won't indicate whether they're going to leave or just going to the car to put/get something.

  3. Haha the best part about shopping with mum is that she pays for everything :P

  4. To chen Xing, Stalking me ah?? Lol. Just kidding. :P

    To Aiden, I know right!! It some how works with my mum. She will drive in snail paste beside someone till they notice. haha, its damn embarrassing to watch sometimes. lol But i agree with you, the ones that go to their cars to get things are damn annoying. They give you hope then shatters them when they lock their car again. LOL

    To Jboy, haha everyone uses that tactic. :P Never go shopping without mother. lol