Wednesday, 6 July 2011

44: Do i know you??...

Today, something weird happened that made me puzzled and confused..
While i was on the college library's computer doing my project this morning, i felt a firm tap between my shoulder blades. I was startled, who in the world taps people between the shoulder blades? What an unusual way of getting someones attention instead of just plain tapping the shoulders. So, with my focused broken, i turned my head, expecting to see a friend, only find a random typical bookworm type, thick glasses, stick thin and a slightly hunched back. I had no idea who he was. He gave me a weird look and i gave him the "WTF??" face.. lol... Thinking he might have tapped me by accident, i turned my head and continued my work. So that was my morning.

In the afternoon, i was talking to a friend while going down stairs. Suddenly, someone tapped me on the shoulder. The second i looked, the same weird dude!! This time with a mischievous grind on his face. He immediately ran down the remanding flight of stairs. I was so confused i actually said "what the fuck?" out loud, my friend was deeply confused too.. lol 

If he was my type i would happily tap him back and the game will go on! :P haha, sadly no.
And i am 99.9% positive i've never met or seen him before.. However, my memory might be wrong?

Dear Lime Green Stripped Shirt Guy,which you are henceforth known as,
Next time you see me, can you please tell me your motif?.. I am still confused over your actions. Do i know you or you know me from somewhere? Don't run off so fast next time!!


  1. Shoulder blades? What a place to tap someone! Hahaha.

    And lime green? I would NOT be caught dead in that colour. I hate almost all greens except this one shade, which is kinda hard to explain.

    Maybe he reads your blog?

    Ooh someone has a secret admirer!! xD

    Hahaha. Go tap between his shoulder blades the next time you see him!

  2. Hahahaha incidentally, green is my favourite colour. ANYWAY...

    I'm pretty sure he knows you, else he wouldn't be giving you that mischievous grin. If all else fails, just smile and say hi, and wait for him to introduce himself. If he doesn't I guess you can confirm your speculation that he is indeed a retard. But if he does, who knows, you might just make a new friends. And you know... nerds CAN make good friends too... occasionally :P

    oh listen to me, going on and on. Anyway you must tell me about what happened next when we next chat k? T.T.F.N

  3. hahaha looks like somebody's got a stalker!!
    it's totally creepy but kind of a compliment at the same time.. hope he's not a psychopath :P

  4. actually add me on facebook !

  5. Someone got a secret admirer...


  6. To Aiden, This year they say green luck colour wor?? haha, honestly i have only one green shirt. I dont look good in green. haha

    To Bradley, Would love to but he ran away. Unless he wears the same shirt i doubt i can recognize him. :P

    To Cyren, haha when i manage to catch hold of him i will tell you! XP

    To Jboy, If i think of him as a stalker i am a little flattered. lol, Hope so!!

    To ooi, haha, give me your name i add you. >.<

    To Chen Xing, haha, enjoy your dinner with your special one la! :P

  7. That was me!! Just wanted to get your attn. Mwaha!