Tuesday, 19 July 2011

53: Straight dream?

I had the weirdest dream today!! Woke up kinda confused in a funny way..
In my dream, i was with a group of close friends from college, one of which was a girl I'm personally close to.
*The memory of the dream is kinda fuzzy now. I hate how you cant remember dreams clearly..*

So when talking to them, i felt a close connection to her. Suddenly, a guy came up to her and asked her out. She turned her head and looked at me with a weird look, as if she knew i liked her. My heart sank as she told the stranger yes. I walked away and this uncontrollable emotion kicked in and i started weeping as i knew i had missed my chance with her. The rest of the dream was a blur though.

When i woke up i was like "whatttt????" I sat up on my bed.. Ponder awhile then concluded : Nope, im not straight, just a weird dream. I like guys. <3
So that's how my brain would imagine me being "normal". lol, weird weird dream indeed..



  1. this would be funny if it happens to a straight homophobic man :D

  2. Hmm...perhaps you are just straight in the closet ?

    Well anyway, it's just a dream.


  3. To ituAB, lol, imagine someone straight waking up convinced they are gay. :P

    To Chen Xing, MAYBE I AM?? LOL

  4. Hahah. Well dreams are all beyond our control. Or maybe the religious folks are hijacking your dreams in hope to make you renounce your lifestyle by seducing you with the opposite sex. Hah! :P