Friday, 8 July 2011

45: Wishperings infront of me...

While walking in the cafe, i heard the one versatile word, used as a personal attacked against me..
"Gay!", i heard 2 girls whisper to each other while their eyes directed towards me, their hands covering their mouths to disguise and soften their words.
I'm a very good eavesdropper you see.. I could make out all your words.
I know being a homosexual, I'm suppose to be used to all these verbal abuse, but honestly this is the first time I've heard it against me, or at least in front of me.
It really hurt me...  :(
Just because i was wearing the 3 colour bands.. I'm putting them back in the closet before i toke them out for pride month..
Never again i want to hear that word used for verbal abuse.. I will be prepared next time bitches!! Gonna slap the narrow minded shallow chinapek brain of yours since you never use it anyways.


  1. klex,
    save 1 slap for me...anyway, cool down n rest ur mind, cheers :-)

  2. They must mean so hot you could only be gay :)

  3. Just ignore them! That's what I do. And I'm sure you'll get used to it soon. Just hang in there till then =]

  4. Who cares ? Pretty sure we are way much fabulous than those bitches.


  5. I understand what u feel. me too similar, well maybe worse, sometime wearing checker short friend would just say u look so darn gay... >.> pathetic shallow minded

  6. To Ah Giap, haha, i will tell you when i manage to slap them.

    To Splatnz, i hope they meant that. lol

    To Aiden, i know im suppose to ignore them but it hurts.. :( Will try to get used to it soon..

    To Chen Xing, Agreed! :)

    To Keeceejay, I kena from my fb profile picture also.. "Look so gay", im going to leave the profile picture on then. haha

  7. I will go: how do you know? It takes one to know one, you lesbo bitches. Ciao! And go fuck yourselves with some vegetables or something...

  8. Lololols!! Tuls u hebat ler. Hahahaha..

    Gay: merry, lively, joyful, happy, colourful.
    Straight: conventional, unbent, square, regular.
    Need I say more?

  9. Lol, Tuls ganasnyaaa. XD
    Haha, i dont want to pick a fight la.. Later i make a scene unnecessary.

    Oooi, everyone knows already. :P

    Vin, Colourful. I like that. :)