Wednesday, 27 July 2011

58: Touching bear story..

I just read this story.. Nearly tearing up..
Humans can be so cruel, so many things covered from the public's sight..
So many actions that are so taboo for us are just a normal day of life for them..
People should spend more time after this heartless beings and after us Plus..  :(



  1. ooi2009 ~ please be more sensitive.. i thought too at first but you dont need to write it down merely just because what you thought it is! have you read the link yet? im not angry nor scolding you ok!

    klex, things bound to happen inevitably, sometimes we cant do anything about it but just ignore and live our life as usual.. im sure there are activist and heartful people that will go all out and prevent those happen and when we grow up to be powerful people in the future, we shall do whatever we can to help not only the bears but maybe else things.. so.. just.. chill for now..

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  3. klex , erm , its kinda public , but ...erm to say ah ... can we be an item /?