Thursday, 14 July 2011

48: Help...

Okay, basically I've promised myself that i would not get a boyfriend no matter how much i would love to get one since im leaving to Australia next year but something happened.. Unless he is drop dead gorgeous, that would be an exception..

I met this guy through facebook, i've seen him around my college before. An average joe. His appearance did not really catch my attention but i wanted to expand my Plu circle in case something happen and i need someone to fall back on. So i added him on facebook.

We exchanged information about each other, some general info and some "private" info.. hehe, Chat for about 2 hours. He cracked a lot of dirty jokes and all, honestly i had a fun time talking to him. At the end, he asked me for lunch. I didn't mind so i politely agreed.

Did i just agreed to be his boyfriend???? He isn't really my type and all too... I just really enjoyed the conversation.. What do i do??...Should i give it a try even though i know there is a large chance of the "relationship" ending in a disaster?..

If i reject him, does that mean i am reaching too high? I always imagined myself dating a cute looking boyfriend instead.. Tall and build which i can seek protection and comfort from..

Lunch "date" on tuesday..


My advice mentor has left for a holiday.. cyren ah....


  1. Accepting an invitation to a lunch date doesn't necessarily mean you agree to be in a relationship with him~ It could just be a casual outing...

  2. Just go, follow the flow.

    You might not how it will turn out unless you try.

    I would say, be friends first. The rest can take it slowly.

    Remember, don't fall for someone so easily okay.

  3. bubu and i promised ourselves not to get involved in a relationship that will turn out to be a LDR in the future but still we went head on..

    the thing is KLEX, you dont know what the future holds for you.. you might die next month, so dont think so far ahead and just go with the moment..

    you will never know if he is the one for you, when the time comes for the LDR(if you guys end up together) then just take it on full force!

    you should know how you feel when youre around him, if its a good one then why not! ???


  4. The fact that he sends me messages like "You look so huggable, can i hug you??", "pokes cheeks", "Feels like im hugging you right now". He even waited for me outside my class room knowing thats my next class.. Freaky wei.. I think he thinks i like him alot which i totally dont..