Tuesday, 12 July 2011

47: Lectures

"One of the weakness of legislations are the fact that they cater for the majority only.
An example would be the Marriage Act 1961.
The Marriage act only caters for the majority and not for the..?"
"The homosexuals?"
"Em... We do not call them the homosexuals, we call them the same sex couples"
*proceeds to tell a story about her daughter's straight friend being target by 10 beefy guys*
"Seems to be an increase in same sex couples now, not so much of the guys one but the girls hold hands in public very often.
Dunno why but there is something wrong with this generation. I'm sure there are some in college here too"
*Gasp!! Yeerr seriously???*
Lecturer, Student, Class Girls

No shit??
Dear favorite lecturer,
I really hope you are able to open your eyes soon, to see how love have no boundaries, to see how there is nothing wrong with the generation but a problem of acceptance from the previous generation. One day.. one day..



  1. I get really annoyed when lecturers are close minded. Especially those giving lectures about sexuality and all that. I'm like hello?! Are you even listening to yourself?! And it's terrible when they try to make jokes.

    And yes, one day. Hopefully.