Monday, 25 July 2011

56: Procrastinator..

Procrastinator, my profession.
My sole reason for me being nocturnal.
The reason I'm awake till 4 almost everyday.
The reason my eye bags are being called luggage sometimes.
The thing that mold my personality.
The trait and I'm dying to break free from..

Anyone else here a king of procrastination like me? We can go hang out and procrastinate together? haha.

1500 words project due in less then 24 hours.
Lets see.. one word down... 1499 to go!
Wish me luck!~ HAHAHA

Hyper Klex


  1. hi!!!!

    i got a few post on procrastination too!! muahahahaha.. and bubu always scold me one saying i always procrastinate until no time for him cos have to rush my assignments and stuffs! hahahahahaha... wohooo!! jom keluar!! :)

    have fun with the 1499 ok! i go buy lottery!

  2. Stop procrastinating. Start procrasturbating!

  3. vin , i also wan to bating with u wor

  4. Lol, how many words left now ?

  5. To tuls, LOL, when you want to go out? *Procrastinates* lol, at this rate we wont go out anytime soon. lol

    To Vin, My force of habit.. and procrasturbating too.. doing the same as i? :P

    To Ooi.. good luck le.. lol

    To Chen Xing, slept at 6.30am, FINISHED! PASSED UP! :P