Friday, 6 April 2012

188: Extreamly Random post.

Once upon a time, there was a knight.
The knight had the ugliest daughter anyone had lay their eyes upon.
One day, the knight decided to trade his daughter away.
He then traded his daughter to a carpenter for the nicest rosewood dinning set.

Years later, the dinning set wore out and finally broke.
The knight angrily went back to the carpenter and complain about the broken set.
The carpenter apologize humbly and said :
"I am sorry for my poor workmanship, I will return you your daughter"

The displease knight took a look at his grotesque daughter and then replied :
and that day onwards, 
the knight ate his dinner on the floor..

The End.

-Recalled from Dark Meadow.

My sister says hi by the way.. She saw me blogging and insisted i send my regards to you guys..


  1. Why the fine print so fine in size??haha...hope it's not some sort of warning to us =P hehe

  2. huh so what is the moral of the story?
    like not finish yet haha :P

  3. .... = =

    moral of the story: no one likes ugly ppl/ you cant expect to trade crap for gold. lol