Sunday, 29 April 2012

204: Bersih 3.0

Anyone went for Bersih3.0?
If you did i hope you were safe during the whole event.
It was tragic hearing about the 3 deaths that occurred during the rally.

I went for the Melbourne's Bersih3.0 yesterday.
The rally was really peaceful and controlled.
With different speakers briefing about the unfair electoral procedures currently present,
It really got everyone's spirits high, signs and banners displayed and flags waving everywhere.

Wearing a bersih shirt and holding a Malaysian flag, i never felt more patriotic.
Though i know attending the rally would not make a big difference but i hope the 85 cities around the world together would create enough pressure on the Malaysian Government to make a change.
Logging to facebook and it was just filled with yellow! It was really nice seeing pictures of friends in different parts of the world also participating in event in their respective cities.

Hopefully next year we would not have a Bersih4.0?
I would really like to participate in the Bersih in Malaysia although i know chances of my parents getting a heart attack(touchwood) and calling every 5 min would most likely occur but heh. I would be a great experience.

Stay Safe everyone!

"Hidup Hidup! Hidup Bersih!"



  1. Didn't go anywhere. Just stayed home.

  2. There were no deaths. 3 civilians and 20 policemen were injured.

    1. Oh snap. Thank god then. information from mouth to mouth isnt really trustable i guess.. Sorry! ><

  3. good to see that u r contributing to our society bro, haha...too bad there isn't a bersih thing here. people here r too scared to organized one, since all my JPA friends got a warning letter saying they shud not be participating anything of that sort. hahahahahah

  4. Participating in the rally overseas is one thing... doing it in Malaysia is an entirely different experience!!!