Friday, 20 April 2012

195 : Weird habbits?

Anyone here has a weird habit that they know of?
Most habits are involuntarily done, the individual isn't even aware that they do it.

One of the habits that i never really understood is nail biting.
I have a lot of friends that actually bite their nails, or even the skin around their nails.
I had a friend in primary school that had a nail biting disorder. You can seldom catch him not biting his nails. It was serious to the extent that his nails actually stopped growing, at least it seemed like it. Our homeroom teacher in primary school used to conduct nail checks once every two weeks and those victims whose nails exceeded the acceptable length were punished. He however, never once got punish. I still remember his nails were stumpy, short and square, he never had a free edge(the part where your nail doesn't connect to your skin), and his nails were always few millimeters shorter then the tips of his finger. The skin around it was always peeling too..
That's a reason i always smacked close friends that bite their nails. Always an "OI!!! *WHAMP!* Stop bitting, not good for you!"
Its unhygienic too..  Imagine where your finger has been..

Another habit would be the "lick and flip".
Why do people lick their finger tips before flipping the page?
And its always the same finger! Is the paper that clean??
There was a movie once, where these few people manage to discover a hidden treasure book. When the guy started flipping the book he fell dead on the floor because the book pages were poised and he licked his finger tips to flip the page.. Forgot the name of the movie though.
Anyways, i was sitting next to a girl before class started few days ago. We were revising for a law test and my god.. I couldn't concentrate at all! She was lick, flip, lick flip, lick flip. I just sat there staring at her. Imagine 2 chapters of cases to flip through and she just flip through the 100 pages like that, licking every single page she flips. Does paper taste that good?.. I know people says its because its easier to flip the pages and all but i dont see why you are a special case when most people don't need the aid of their saliva to flip pages. I'm sure her tongue will get numb or something.

Anyways, there are a lot of other habits out there..
Can someone follow me around for a few days and tell me what my habits are?
No one really pointed any out before so i am really unaware of my habits..
Maybe pulling my pants up?.. But its kinda mandatory for that action, so its not a habit? Can't have me flashing my assets in public right? People aren't that lucky to have a free show. Haha!

Lots of Love,


  1. Haha :] I used to 'tear' my nails when I am concentrate thinking on something.

  2. I am cured from nails-biting, long time ago.


  3. i must wash my legs before going to bed >.<

    1. My mum has the same habit! It's nice la.. I feel very comfortable after washing my feet. =P

  4. probably cracking my joints to loose them? the cervical area, the finger phalanges, oh and my waist.

    the crack sounds are orgasmic, yet leads to earlier osteoarthritis XD

    1. But there have been reports that it doesn't cause osteoarthritis wor.. Crack away?

  5. Maybe your weird habit is catching people's bad habits :P

  6. Joint fingers cracking, hahahaha,
    And your friend keep licking her finger is a sign for you
    Like saying "you know, I am good at licking" or something


    1. Lol, i rather see a guy licking then... :P

  7. Bite my nails plenty! Trying to stop myself from doing it though.

    1. If i sat next to you.. I would smack your hand each time.. Give me one month i will cure you. =PPP