Monday, 30 April 2012

205 : Love

When you break someone's heart often enough or hard enough,
they just fall apart.

They lose confidence in themselves,
Wondering is it them who is the problem one,
The one that caused a sweet moment to break apart,
The one that made their beloved lose every feeling and memory towards them just like that.
They start to wonder is it their personality, making them distance themselves from others.
They wonder is it their looks, looking into the mirror and just sighing.
Their body? Their way of expressing love?
Or just them as a whole that repulse their once beloved..

The doubt builds as they look back into their memories.
"I love the way you dance".
Simple compliment he gave that once made their day for example.
Was he lying when he said that?..
He must have been lying. He wanted to protect my feelings.
I suck at dancing.
The doubt grows and runs around their brains..
And soon they just stop..

They never fall in love as deeply as they did..
First relationships are the ones that they fall the deepest for.
When it happens a second time, a form of fear builds within them.
As the fear accumulates they loose the feeling of love towards anyone.
To them love is just "waiting to break up".
Soon they go out looking for people,
Anyone willing to hug them or kiss them...

"Love are like the night stars for some relationships, at one point, uncountable. Then morning comes and every glowing star just fades away.."


  1. "First relationships are the ones that they fall deepest for"

    well, this is depressing. but i am here to tell you that that statement is INCORRECT. i am proof.

    hence, feel better now. :)

  2. suddenly so emo *pat pat* U will survive and become ur normal self, someday :) *hugs*

  3. That's the thing with love.

    Feeling the pain first, before finding ourself the true love.


  4. awww *hugs*

    U know u r better than that Leo.

    give urself some confidence, and justice to those good looks and personality u got in you!

    some ppl dont appreciate but hey! like the uncountable stars up the sky, there's bound to be someone.

    After all, we need only one. hahaha

    dont give up yo!