Saturday, 7 April 2012

189 : A friend.

I am not sure how to start this post..
Joining the pieces of thought that formed in my mind is harder then i though..

Yes, i felt hurt, i felt betrayed but clearly i have been selfish.
You have been trapped for more then a year and i do agree its about time you have found happiness.. I would be the most selfish person in the world if i stopped you from getting your happiness after i known all you have been through. I have always wished the day you finally let go for M would come soon, seeing you so hurt everyday just hurts me too bur i guess i was just not prepared on what happened.

I do still have a piece of heart for him.. The time i've spent with him were wonderful and it was something that really made my days to recall when i felt lonely here. It was just stupid of me to oblivious to the fact that nothing last forever, no matter how sweet and how much you would give up for it. I was blinded by the thought of coming home to him, to see that he was still mine. I was just too absorbed into my fantasies.. But life goes on..

To call you the worst friend ever? Yes i did. Words i used that day were foul and dishonorable. But to stop you from being happy i would be the worst friend too wouldnt i?. I know i have blocked you from almost everything but please bare with me for a while okay?.. I really need time to recover..

I need to learn to be single.. My life has been an emotional rollercoster since i met KL. Been in and out relationships without properly recovering. Here i am i found myself directing my attention to a guy i met on last Tuesday when i broke down.. Its just so damn stupid of me..

To both the guys that i love, i wish you both all the happiness.

"Be happy of the memories you had with him. Not everyone can have that memory. Be grateful"
-Yi Wei.

Lot of love,