Friday, 27 April 2012

202 : Cravings..

Been having so much of cravings for sweet foods lately..
Yesterday itself i ate a cookie, a sugar glaze donut and and a nutella sandwich..
All within an hour after dinner...

I really did not realize i was eating so much until my sister pointed it out to me when i almost ate the chocolate chip muffin left over from yesterday's breakfast.

"Why are you eating so much of sugar? Something wrong with you isit?.."

Went searching for food cravings and their meanings..
Found my friend's picture he posted a while back..




  1. Last week, I just eaten two big slices of secret's recipe chocolate indulgence cakes sekaligus at one time during my aunty's bithday and they are at the "corner lot" where they are full of chocolate cream. Ya, I feel quite depress on that day. Haha...

  2. I'm currently craving for pasta! And yes, that stupid chart is true for me right now.

    So are you anxious?

  3. What if suddenly you dun have any craving, like feeling full for whole day for a few days in a row only drink water

  4. haahaha oh Leo, live to eat! not eat to live! dont worry so much i always enjoy my sweet food!

  5. herm... took all of that for dinner O.o

  6. what different btw sugar and soft, sweet food?both also has sugar...hehe

    crackers for lonely??hurm, either i am lonely or just simply nothing else to eat at home xD