Sunday, 15 April 2012

192 : Rumors.

Please la my dear..
Don't go spreading rumors saying i cheated with your guy.
If you were any good at all he wouldn't have came looking for me huh?

In my defense, I didn't know until everything was over.
If i knew he had you by the side i wouldn't have dated him, I respect relationships.

Fortunately, being the gossip queen you are, no one believed you.
The few close friends that you conveniently decided to tell regarded it as lies and came telling me about you spreading rumors.

1. I will never ever do anything on purpose to hurt others.
2. We just dated, and you too were only dating him. Don't take things too seriously.
3. Don't hold on to the past, life goes on.

I am really surprise how fast i got over everything..
Just takes one person to really change your prospective over things.
Most times i guess i just take things too seriously and are too childish with my thoughts.

Thanks for talking to me last week Kayson! =D


Been out to a camp during the week.. Whole body sore.. Will update you guys on the trip as soon as i can lift my arms above my head..


  1. Good to know that u got over it :D

  2. Actually it sounds like both of you fell victim to the guy who dated u two.

    Are u familiar with the song Beautiful Liar?

    Maybe you could be Beyonce, and he could be Shakira hahaha. Team up and turn against the guy LOL.
    Just a random thought :P

    1. OF COURSE I AM BEYONCE!! Haha!! I was listening to beyonce for the pass 2 days and i dint stumble upon beautiful liar.. Totally forgot about it.. haha!

  3. This shows that he's not over yet, hence the spreading of rumours.

    Don't really go care about it ok, unless you take it as a form of entertainment.


    1. Exactly..
      Totally dont bother about it lo..

      Eh.. Why your comments always masuk spam one.. ><

    2. Sigh, am unwanted soul in the cyber realm...


  4. Time to switch on back ur 'maturity switch'?? =)

  5. wah whats this... new shit... which one?? the K?