Monday, 23 April 2012

198 : Different.

Being typical Malaysian Asian, we are all kinda brought up the same way, study hard, get a good job, get a wife(LOL!), children and take care of the parents. We never really had the "fun" part of life planned for us. Our parents will never tell us to club and all.

Coming to Australia its really an eye opener for me. The main club, or the most "popular" club in my campus is the business society. The events that they use to promote their club were.. unexpected if you may. Fetish Party, Toga Party, Free flow of alcohol, Booze Cruise, Club hopping, and the list goes on. Business society??
Kinda self explanatory huh?
Sex it up, fetish party!
They had a tent set up in the middle of Uni the week before. I looked in and the things i saw.. leather straps and inflatable sex dolls.. So people interested would buy a ticket for the event and go in for the "sneak peak", plus a bonus of free beer at 1pm in the afternoon.. Seriously?

"Booze Cruise, on the Victoria Star
Friday April 27th, Boarding 7.30pm
$40 Members, $45 non members (Includes three free drinks) "

Their upcoming event!

I am sorry if i offended their culture and all but most Asians i guess aren't really keen on these type of events. My close Malaysians friends all went "Yerr.." and "Like that also got ah?" when the posters came up around the campus.

Anyways, guess its just the different way we were brought up..
I was brought up in a more conservative way where i was thought most of these were taboo,
while here its a norm to go drinking and clubbing.

A recent post of Malimo also opened my eyes to another culture in Indonesia.
A country so close to home yet it has such a big difference that i was always oblivious to.
Smoking in Indonesia.
Smoking as a child would be illegal in Malaysia but not there.
If you have an hour to spare, do go watch that documentary. It really kept me glue to the screen the whole time.

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  1. wah~ yer... wanna study at your uni also... lol

  2. If only universities in Malaysia had these sort of events, students wouldn't be so stressed.

    And are you talking about that baby who smokes? I think I saw it on YouTube once. Kinda scary O.O

  3. at least they restrict their socializing to weekend only unlike in malaysia where friday night is every night..haha =D

  4. haih, why am i in malaysia!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!