Sunday, 22 April 2012

197 : YOLO

You Only Live Once
I am not getting any younger,
Yes i know, i am not even into my second decade of existence but still..
Getting older and mature is a daily part of life..

I am always trying to keep a good image,
I don't drink, I never went clubbing, I never smoke,
I was always the good child.

I sincerely don't see the reward at the end.
I once thought i would find someone that would really appreciate these traits but HECK NO!
I still got played, i still got heartbroken, twice.

I started social drinking.
Finally drinking when out with friends(in moderation),
and also started playing drinking games.
I have not yet got a chance to go clubbing though,
A kind blogger invited me out to a gay club weeks back but damn..
Iron grip of the sister.
Next time i was promised.

Finally, I got myself an ear piercing.
The left side.
Its still recovering.
I know that piercings are no big deal,
Especially in the gay community but for me it was a big leap.
Adding the fact i dint ask my parents or sister before.

You only live once.

Do the things you really want to do before you get too old for it.
Imagine the things waiting for you right now?


By the way, I am still hunting for a nice earring. Any kind soul would buy me one from Malaysia and send it over to me?. Haha, its bloody expensive here.. =P


  1. just do whatever you are comfortable and truly are .. no need do anything to prove to others.. cos YOLO :)

    1. Yea, not going to prove anymore. Just going to be me. :D

  2. Social drinking is a norm.

    As for smoking, not really a thing that you must do.

    Piercing ? How was it ? Painful ?

    Am thinking of getting inked.


    1. Oh, never for smoking.. forgot to mention that..
      Oh, its not painful at all. At least the ear doesnt. The rest i dont know.

      Haha, getting inked where? =P

  3. Do what you want =)

    But, take care that you would not regret~

    Of doing it & of not doing it...

    Love yourself =)

  4. what's with you people and ear-rings anyway?

    1. Kinda like it la.. Its like an extra accessory i can wear..

  5. Kind of feel like bitch slapping you haha... in a nice way I mean..

    The fact that you were a good boy and didn't go club or smoke HAD NOTHING to do with the fact that you got heartbroken and played. Totally unrelated things.

    Yes it's true YOLO. But you should only try those things if YOU really genuinely want to. Don't do it just because other people are doing it, or just for the sake of being rebellious or wanting to change who you are.. coz that's not the way to do it..

    1. No la.. i always wanted to pierce my ear and all.. I just held back last time la.. Bitch slap la.. haha! =PPP

  6. haih, sadly i cant do all those, drinking and piercing, or else, i would need to change my surname

    1. Lol, i was damn scared to tell my mum. But thank god she was okay with it.. So i can keep my surname. lol

  7. do things for yourself CK

    the not drinking not smoking part, it's good for yourself, not to get some nice bf, no no no, it shall be for yourself. your reward is when you grow older, it will actually prolong your life span. I witnessed it myself on weekend when I went for that furniture shopping.

    but dun forget to socialise (maybe I should listen to myself on this part)

    1. Wont smoke la.. Haha, furniture shopping make you mature hor?.. lol

    2. No la

      The owner of the shop actually surprised me, he's 66 but he looks 45 to me. He said he doesn't smoke neither drink alcohol, hence he looks 21 years younger than he should. That's about your age Leo nut. And the old man earned it.