Tuesday, 10 April 2012

191 : A letter for the present and future.

Dear future partner,

I might not have met you yet and i am still excited to the day i actually meet you. Falling in and out of relationships, i am constantly learning. Learning to deal with emotions, to deal with others, troubles, problems and generally becoming a better person. Hopefully till the day i meet you, i will learn enough to hold a sense of maturity yet still have my personality.

I am not the best looking or the hottest person. People don't turn heads when i walk by and I am seldom the top of people's minds. I am just an average person. To make up for my looks i am really trying to work out often . My body isn't where i want it to be, improvements can be made. But i really don't want to be the best looking or the cutest in the room, i want you to fall for my personality, internal factors. Body and looks don't last forever, people get old, but personalities last with time, only changing and twisting to adapt to the present.

I am childish and i love to be. Although not always, i would love for you to be there for me to protect me while i just fall back to myself. The world is such a harsh place as i have recently learned, people can be really hypocritical and back stabbing is common practice to achieve their personal goals. People are selfish. Being pure and innocent just doesn't get you anywhere, a harsh exterior is compulsory. I really hope when i am with you, i can lower all defenses and just be myself, childish and playful.

Dancing is partially who i am. I am not the best dancer but i really enjoy it. I love how the body can synchronize with the beats and lyrics of music and move accordingly, creating a new world, a story that can be seen instead of heard. I feel confident when dancing. My chest naturally pushes out, chin held high, and pulses of energy just surges through my limbs. I hope when i find you, you will share the same world as i do, we can teach each other dance styles and techniques. Maybe we can dance together.

I am studying accountancy. It may sound artificial but i hope you will be in a similar field as me if not same. I want to be able to come home from work to you and share work stories with you. If you were a doctor, i guess communication would be hard, the humor we share will be different..

There are so many things i would love to share with you. No matter what happens, when the world are against us, we will face the demons together. Side by side, hand in hand. As long as you are always there for me, and never play with my heart or abandon me. I will never ever leave you. I will always stay by your side and support you completely and selflessly.

I know this whole post sounds so cheesy but this is my letter to you.. I will be waiting patiently while improving myself.. Hope i can met you in the near future.

If possible maybe in Disney Land?.. :3

Lots of love,


  1. Loving this line very much: "to hold a sense of maturity yet still have my personality."

    Anyway, don't worry so much. He, will come one day with the letter you just wrote.

    For now, focus on what you are doing right now and along the way he will just appear in front of you.


  2. Leo love, you need one more letter to write

    A letter to the future you, telling how those cheaters are totally bad investment. It's a reminder whenever you fall into your fantasy world again, just open that letter and read it out loud to yourself.


  3. ish ish, i remember writing one for my future children. But then again, who knows what happens down the road of the years right?

    Will meet him one la, slash me off the list btw, either course, i will still be a doctor, its just between animal or human XD

  4. Haha you know I always tell my Uni friends that we shouldn't date someone that is in the same field...

    You could end up working in the same place as your bf, seeing each other all day then all night, it might cause some tension haha. Even if you 2 don't work together, imagine having arguments about work related stuff coz both are in that field and have strong opinions.. Also your bf may come off boring coz you know all about his work stuff, and vice versa.

    There's the saying 'opposites attract' haha.. I can picture some naughty role playing.. If he's a doctor, you could be the patient that needs a full body checkup. And if you're an accountant, he could be an auditor ready to inspect all your 'documents' and give you a good spanking hahahaha! :P

    1. Jboy's imagination section is C-R-A-Z-Ily crazy!

  5. you are extremely adorable to the point that I wanna hug you as though hugging a huge teddy bear !!!!

    People like you are decent enough ! Don't have to be hot and good-looking to impress others because of your exterior look instead of your personality.

    Of course , the combination of decent looking and personality would have been the best !

    Cheers !