Wednesday, 18 April 2012

194 : Berlubang..

(Berlubang/ Lubang = Hole)

 Today, i got an extra lubang..

Everyone says berlubang at the right place, but i refuse to be right..
I wanted to be left.

Any advice on taking care of my extra lubang?



  1. You can get antiseptic spray from your local pharmacy. And don't touch/play with it! Else it's gonna get infected and that will be ooogly.

  2. Yay!!! You finally went and did it!

  3. don't wash it for two weeks or until the lubang healed. Like Ev.C said, use the antiseptic spray to clean the area in the mean time. I got two on the left, I'm happy with (considering the third one)

  4. Use antiseptic every time after shower and before going to bed... Dont open or remove it even after 3 weeks, leave it there for as long as possible, unless hiao hiao wanna change design lah :P Would only be permanent after 1-2 year :)