Sunday, 5 June 2011

20: At what age....?

Yesterday i met this guy on facebook. His 16 this year. (He added me, im not a pedo. :P)
To my surprise, the first thing he asked was "Have you had sex before?"
The question seriously caught me off guard, like What the....
I told him "lol, im a virgin, you??"
He told me his first time was at the age of 15.
Seriously? 15? I was worrying about PMR at the age of 15.

Just wondering, is that the normal age?? Am I that failed? lol
What age did you guys had your first time?



  1. well mine not intercourse kind, mine more of 69 :P at 18/19 cant remember :P

  2. Mine at the age 20. 27 yo now lol

  3. Sex abuse consider sex? If yes, mine will be at the age of kindergarden. lol!

  4. Hmmm..must the food those kids are eating nowadays...

  5. 16 :) youre normal dear, i unvirginized my bf when he was 22 :) so its ok..

  6. hahahah I am still a virgin and I am 21 this year. not planning to be un-virginized anytime soon!

  7. @keeceejay, oooOOO.. 69 awesome! XP

    @B3cks, im on the right track baby.(i was born this way) hehe

    @Hotties, Abuse?? How so were you abused? by who???

    @chen Xing, hehe, all the new food products are sex builders.. hehe

    @tuls, lol, i'll be like your bf at 22. XD

  8. @ryan, lol, waiting for the right person?

  9. Haha maybe when he said sex, he meant like having fun with another person... not necessarily intercourse / anal kinda thing..

    But I think any person who starts off with "Have you had sex before?" has other intentions aside from being just friends..

  10. at the age of 15,i kept fantasizing my crush...i WANT to have that with him...until now(22),i am still untouched

  11. @jboy ~ you cant say that, cos i always start question like that even if with strangers.. but erm.. as in.. not directly like that.. as in will be like are you single then slowly proceed to his virginity status etc... hahahahahaa... sorry.. or is it wrong? im the tuls anyway.. doesnt matter kan?! hahahahaha.. im different!! *flips hair*

  12. @jboy, haha agreed! But i think he really had sex before. Something he told me....

    @bradley, one day, be patient. :)

    @tuls, Tuls you were indeed. lol :P

    @ryan, wish you luck in finding him! XP

  13. hahaha tuls your way is actually ok, working your way into that question. Sometimes I do it too, but that's also partly because I want to get in his pants!! I wouldn't ask if I was not interested in the guy, just in case I give him the wrong signals :P

  14. Hahahaha ~ whose to say who is abnormal? You have sex when you're good and ready, and not a moment too soon :)

  15. Tried to anal my senior when I was 14, dick didn't enter, but did wank and cum on his ass. Sucked his dick when I was 14 too. Considered lost virginity?