Wednesday, 8 June 2011

21: Pray, predator

The young gazelle, grazing under a tree, feeding on the vast golden grassland. Occasional, looking up during feeding intervals to inspect the forever lively savanna, checking on other gazelles and checking for predators.
Suddenly,  a sound of a twig snapping behind the gazelle alerted him, instinct told him to run, curiosity told him to stay. Within a split second, instincts dominated his actions, the gazelle leaped away to friends before a lion, hidden in the tall grass could get him.
The lion failed, the gazelle got away.

Many plu's target new plu's, careless ones will get "eaten", those who can fight the temptation of  trying the relationship out will escape the heartbreaks and drama waiting for them.

Lol, most of you guys are already mature enough to think and make the right decision for yourselves. But if you are a lion, do take into consideration the gazelle's feelings. Still immature, they break easily, being in the closet, they have little support to fall back to. The healing process is hard and takes a long time, most of the time leaving a scar.

So far, with a help from a friend, im still clear from danger, leaping gracefully across the traps set. haha, Who knows? I might fall in the hands of a sexy lion one day. :P



  1. trust me, you would love to! hahahaha.. if its sexy, its worth it.. at least you had an experience.. hahaha.. not to say its a bad thing nor a good thing.. just that you are there prepared before hand.. so the damage wont be that great! have fun klex! :)

  2. hahaha u make it sound like a jungle out there!!
    but wouldn't everyone want to be pounced on by a lion once in a while? just for the thrill of it ;)

    being a newbie can be quite empowering.. U r fresh and there's a demand u can capitalize on, provided that u play ur cards right.. u can pretend to be innocent sometimes, just to play along, but be careful of course!

    The gazelle can always play along with the lion and turn the trap back against it ;)

  3. I got to admit that I am always the one being hunted.

    And if you are to notice, most predators are a loner...whereas the prey is always happy with a group/clique.


  4. @tuls, Lol, still waiting for a sexy lion. haha, are you one? :P

    @J-boy, Isn't it a jungle out there? Im still holding on to all my cards so far. I do sometimes wonder is that a good thing.. lol

    @Chen Xing, So.. have you been "eaten" before? lol XD

  5. oooooooooooo... this klex knows how to flirt! hahahaha...

    but so sorry im not one.. my name is tuls bin prey... prey is in my blood, i will never be the predator! but i love to be preyed on!! grrrr!!

  6. Hahahahha LOL ~ was this because of something we talked about the other day! hahahah rawr!!! I see a reference~~~~~~

  7. @tuls, was i flirting? oops? hahaha

    @cryen, haha, yups, want me to quote you? i've learnt how to do havard referencing already. XD