Thursday, 9 June 2011

23: In the closet.

The combination of thick snow and towering trees made it almost impossible to get through the forest. I've seen many get through it however, many have gathered their courage and bravely tackle the thick growth. Those with enough support get through it without any difficulties while other get hurt and bruised along the way.
As people say, the grass in greener on the other side. For this situation, it is true. Everyone here wants to go go across seeing how it gets much better.
I take in a deep breath, the barrier seems to thick for me. The door on the other side of the forest will have to wait. Im not ready.
Im still in NARNIA!! Deep deep in the closet. hehe

A senseless post. lol



  1. i somehow cut thru the forest, i saw how is it on the other side, but im still peeping thru.. dont dare to step out from it... *hugs*

  2. I mean, if you were to cut through the thick forest also there will be another greener forest lies ahead of it.

    We'll just never know what will happen next. So, wear your boots tightly, put on a nice canvas-trench and walk steadily wherever you are.


  3. Haha I love how u use metaphors in your posts, discussing issues in a subtle manner :)

  4. Hahaha something you must know, and mind you this is just something I personally believe in, is that coming out is never a one-shot, one-way experience. Indeed, it is never even a complete experience, and the reason I say this, is that even those of us who are supposedly "out" still carry with us metaphorical closets all the time. Because no matter how open you are, no matter how confident in your gender and/or sexuality, there are going to be moments where you inexplicably play up on certain traits, downplay others, perform more of this gender and neglect more of others. We are always moving, you see, in and out of these closets so... in, or out... it doesnt' really matter anyway. What matters is that you find a position that suits you best :)

  5. wise words from mr butterfly :)

  6. @tuls, Later the forest grow back then you will have to chop it down again... lol ; He has the coolest butterflies i've seen. hehe XP

    @Chen Xing, Not ready to take the first step yet. How far have you cut through the forest?

    @J-boy, Thanks! but im not sure how many metaphors my brain can think of. XP

    @Cyren, Agreed! One day we go stick a sign on our heads or something and walk around the street. lol, But actually when writing this i kinda picture the forest as parents. They are the biggest obstacle we have to get through when coming out..