Saturday, 25 June 2011

35: Responsibility, Passion, and Opportunity.

If you were forced to forgo one between responsibility, passion, and opportunity, which would you have the heart to forgo?  Im at a state of dilemma.. Forgoing one seems to be the only thing that might solve this dilemma but i really don't have the heart to give up one..

What do you guys think? Or should I try my best and fight through the month, knowing there are many obstacles ahead which might even result in me having let go of all three?..
Im so confused!! Risk or no risk?..

Flash mob happening in sunway (25/6),
Klex :P


  1. As for responsibility, passion and opportunity. We can't really dictate as:

    a) We are responsible for the decision we made.
    b) Passion is what keeps our fuel burning.
    c) Opportunity comes and go, without any predictions.

    As for me, just take the risk without any regrets.


  2. I kinda agree with Chen Xing :)

    If you have enough time, make a list of pros and cons. If not, just follow your heart.

  3. Thanks guys! I'll just take the risk then.. Will let you guys know the results at the end of the month. :]