Thursday, 16 June 2011

28: Time to move on.

The feeling for the guy i kinda liked just died today.
The happy feeling when i see him, the warmth i feel when we hug, gone.
Each time he called me gay, i die a little inside.
The feeling died.
Something hit me today and made me realize i'm wasting my time,
wasting my time going for clubs when i do nothing there,
wasting my time trying to spend time with him.
Maybe i was living a lie for the pass few months,
having a so called "bromance" relationship to fill the empty space in my heart.
The feeling is gone now.
Time to move on.

Received a reply from my first love,
The first exchange of text after 2 years.
I used to get so nervous when opening his e-mails.
Not this time. Guess i am over him.
But i do have a feeling of regret, trying to contact him and all.
The relationship ended for a reason.
Shouldn't have look back,
Time to move on.



  1. Epiphany =) Move on you must ^_^

  2. have an erotic moment u must

  3. Moving on is good. Through time it heals...