Tuesday, 21 June 2011

32: Aye or no?

Today during my law lecture, my lecturer was telling us about voting for public bills in the parliment,
The members would vote with "aye" or "no" when voting for or against the bill.
My lecturer had to use same sex couples as an example for the class to vote.. lol
There are two styles of voting, on-the-voices voting(a verbal vote) and division voting(formal voting)
So, she goes by saying start with the verbal vote, the class started randomly screaming aye and no around. The guys were screaming "Aye!!" as a joke, those ass.. The girls were saying "no", those asses too.. lol, majority wins, the Aye's won due to the guys randomly screaming.
Formal voting, she goes up and points to a random girl and ask "aye or no". My mind was like WTF WTF WTF, if she asks me im dead. She then proceeds to say "example A votes for aye then he votes fo........" lol, eventually she did pick me and gave an example that i was from PAS.. lol

Feeling much better now a days. Chicken essence, no matter how horrible it taste, actually helps. :P



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