Thursday, 23 June 2011

34: Digging out my plastic smile.

So i haven't been using my plastic smile for a long time now, never had a reason to, but some how today just seem a reason to hide my anger and emotion. Smile away while burning with anger!!

There is a group project coming up soon, taking 10% of our overall results. Forming groups of 6, i was asked to join a group with the class smart-asses. I really dint mind at first but now.. Its just frustrated how they expect everyone to be a perfectionist freak like them.
Today we had a meeting, discussing the presentation and the decorations for the project. At the end of the presentation, the smart ass Asunta'rians pointed at me and told me to summarize all the information collected by everyone. Stacks of wordy paper was just passed to me like that. I was initially okay with it until i remembered I had previously promised a friend to have dinner with her for her birthday today and was also going to be busy the weekend due to a performance coming up, so i told them i couldn't summarize everything by this week, presentation is next week.. Then Bloody hell them!!
They said "oh i know you can do it!" And upon finding out i had to leave for Mv at 5 and was staying till late, they said "Then do everything by 5 before you go okay?" with the stupid smiles on their face.
Wana bitch slap the 2 bitches i tell you!! There were 6 pages paper that were practically dictionary pages!! Full of words and individual facts, when i asked how to summarized them i was given the reply "Dunno, but i know you know how to lar"...
People from Asunta Girl School come out narrow minded, self centered, sexist and partial brain damaged. They think that they are the best in the world etc etc. BITCHES!! Half the class hates them. 
Sorry if im steriotyping but most Asunta'rians I've met are like that.

I have tons of work to get done before i leave later and im still blogging.. lol
For now i dont think im going to sleep tonight again..

Shutup and smile,


  1. On the bright side, this thing won't usually happens very frequently.

    Just say in mind that "It's alright, I'll b able to do it".

    Ok ?

  2. The down side of group projects. But remember, karma is a bitch. They'll get to experience it sooner or later.

    Good luck! =]

  3. Hahaha. Take it easy man. Assuntarians are awesome people (at least the ones I've met). But I have to agree that they are quite self-indulgent at times and think very highly of themselves, especially if they're in a group of fellow alma maters. But they're mostly just all talk. So get in the flow with them; be a professional consultant (Con & insult). Lols. Goodluck!