Friday, 17 June 2011

30: Little Straighness in Me.

Okay, there are times i question my sexuality. Haha, usually the other way around for most plu's.. lol
There are many incidents that had happened before but lets talk about today.
We had this dance performance today for an event. There were around 7 dances and one of them was a dance involving 10 dancers, 5 girls and 5 guys, one of them was me.
The girls (NOT SLUTS!) wore damn short skirts for their dance performance, they looked damn hot!! Us guys were only the backup dancers for them.
So, before the performance, 2 of my friend wanted a pimp picture with them. Each of them having their solo chance to take the most pimp picture with the girls to impress their facebook friends. Of course i did too!! Haha.
After my picture with them, OMG! I blushed bright red for no reason. SO EMBARRASSING!! I could feel my ears and face heating up!!
Thank god the blush died off fast and we had the most awesome performance ever!!
Will post a video of the dance if i get a chance. Stay tuned!! :P



  1. You seems to be active in dance...


  2. we want to see the video or u guys dancing =]

  3. Hahahah okay well, this one time I was in a stage production and one of the things i was required to do in this production was strip down almost naked and get it on with a member of the opposite sex (DON'T ASK ME WHAT KIND OF SHOW IT WAS OKAY). My first reaction when she climbed on top of me and kissed me on the ears was to moan audibly and my hairs on my back stood up and I kinda blushed too. Of course for a moment I questioned my sexuality but I suppose when I thought about it, if push comes to shove, would I do down south on her... no way. I guess sometimes its just the body reacting to external stimuli. Then again, maybe it was just the thought of getting naked in front of hundreds of people for the first time that did it.