Tuesday, 14 June 2011

26: Words hurt.

If i were to throw a brick at you and said "haha, you know i love you!", how would you feel?
Similarly, when someone tells you "You look so gay la", especially a close friend, would you feel hurt?..
Of course, he is right about the gay part, but STILL!! Telling me "haha, you know i love you!" doesn't really help either.


  1. i did it to bubu once.. but it was an indirect hit la.. i feel bad too.. *hugs*

  2. Hence this is why my close friends are all gays. So that when they say "You look gay.." I can answer them "So are you !".


  3. Hmmmm I think the idea here is to not take the word gay as an insult. I mean, if anything someone pointing out that you look gay is nothing but a testament to his or her own ignorance and stupidity. Like when people do that to me and say "You're so gay!!!" I just give them that "oh my god you're an idiot" face and say "AND...." In the words of Luan, its like telling a dog its a dog... like, DUH!!!

  4. @tuls, haha, evil la you..

    @Chen Xing, haha, i go gather gay friends now. :P

    @cyren, Haha, It was a close friend so yea, it hurt. Luan is a legend la!! haha