Sunday, 12 June 2011

24: Candy and Miscellaneous things

Everyone Loves Candy. Candy come in different shapes, colour and sizes, but that doesn't matter, They are just pleasure for the eye, design to attract you and sometimes trick you into eating them. It takes us a few seconds sucking on it before we can get a clear picture of its flavour.  Good, Bad? Sweet, Sour? Like it or dislike it.
How do we tell if the candy is what we want? READ THE LABEL! Dont get to distracted with what we think is good that we ignore the rest.
Similarly, i know love maybe blind sometimes, but please do see every aspect of that person before jumping into a relationship. Everyone loves eye candy, but they dont go "licking it".

I wonder do i even make sense now.. lol


5 Miscellaneous and random things that i recall over the past few days.
Been emoing for the past few days. Feels like im missing something..
(Yes, I am that bored to be doing this. Another senseless rant, just for my dairy sake i guess)

1. Have been listening to 거울아 거울아  Jar of Hearts on repeat for the past few days. Shall attempt choreographing something to it one day..

2. E-mailed my first love after 2 years of not being in contact at all. Kinda ended badly. Dont think i would get a reply though.. Just wondering how he is doing.. :(

3. One of my friends totally have no idea what personal space is. He went and hug a friend of mine without warning. Pity that girl, the way he hugged her from the side, she was lucky she manage to blocked her boobs chest with her arm.  The freaky thing was 10 minutes before, he told few of us, her included in a group that he dint like the skinny type of girls but like girls like her profile picture. Freaky dicky..

4. Apparently i've joined a flash mob in Sunway Pyramid scheduled to happen soon.. I have no idea what time and what the event is for. But i'll be okay because, Just dance, it will be okay, da da dum dum, just dance...

5. As i was exiting a shop, a well build guy while still walking, locked eyes with me, then stared me down from head to toe before turning his head and continuing on his way.. WTF?...



  1. I want candy! Dum dum dum dum-dum!
    I want candy~

  2. Next time when someone stares you up and down, stare him back up and down and make a disgusted face, he will get self-concious and it will be over :D

  3. 1. Love that song!
    2. I did that once too! Haha. 5 years and still waiting for a reply xD
    5. Ugh. I hate when people do that. But follow Cyren's advice! hahaha