Wednesday, 15 June 2011

27: Lameness thing ever..

INTI college and Taylor's CPU building shut down today due to the earthquake. Lucky peeps.

Had an epic day today with a group of friends. 1 year of my ranging lameness was finally released today. It was literally a facepalm every minute. I got so lame that everyone was speechless.. :P

Scenario 1
A: I think i got a flu le..
K: Fly how far?
A: .....

Scenario 2
K: Wow, you damn imba le..
B: haha, why? *flattered*
K: The heels you are wearing.. You look damn imbalance when you walk.
B: ....

Scenario 3
C: After you go under water without goggles for a few times your eyes doesnt hurt anymore.
K: So now you can open your eye in the water without feeling pain?
C: Yea.
K: Damn cool!! Can shower and wash your hair with eyes open!

Scenario 4
D: I got 10 shoes, this my 10th. *points at left shoe*
K: *Points at right shoe* This the 9th la?
D: .... 10 pairs....

Scenario 5

E: Okay, lets share random info that no one will actually guess about you.
K: I wanna go skinny dipping one day.
Everyone: ....

LOL, few of the many lameness i can recall.. haha

Lame Klex.


  1. Hahaha. Scenario 4 sounds like something I'd say! xD hahahaha

  2. thanks aiden i love u too!

  3. @Aiden, haha, you are as lame as me? XD

    @ooi, okay... Have fun with aiden.. lol

    @chen xing, :D

  4. Haha. I guess I have my blonde moments a bit too often!

  5. @ooi2009 ~ dont be so lame ! thank you! hahahahahhahaa