Wednesday, 8 June 2011

22: Lines

There are 3 types of geometry lines in the world, Parallel lines, Perpendicular lines and Intersecting Lines but lets exclude the intersecting lines shall we? hehe
Parallel lines, Two lines in a plane that do not intersect or meet.
Perpendicular lines, two lines or planes (or a line and a plane) are considered perpendicular to each other if they form congruent adjacent angles (a T-shape). (wikipedia) Capish?? :P

My question is, which would you prefer to be?

Parallel lines where you are always alongside your loved one, but never meet? Or, Perpendicular lines that meet each other for a brief time before never crossing paths ever again.

Lines sucks right?? haha, i would invent one perpendallel! haha


  1. so i m guessing, perpendallel lines means two meet and they become one?

  2. hahahahaha... wtf eric! hahahaahah...

    i love your prependallel lines! so awesome!! so tuls! ok la!! enter my dicktionary !! hahahahaha

  3. I am just going to read between the lines...

  4. @Pluboy, hahaha, noooo, they meet and move together, SIDE by SIDE. :P

    @Tuls, haha, how many pages is your dicktionary? Dictionaries are suppose to be thick right? hohoho XD

    @Chen Xiang, haha which lines are you going to read between?

    @ooi2009, hahaha