Monday, 20 June 2011

31: Do you see what i see?

Many guys only see the flaws in themselves.
Its pretty sad actually.
There are so many good qualities that i see in him but he chosen to neglect them, loosing them slowly, changing his personality slowly, painfully.
Each time someone tells you something or gives an advice, Open up your heart and listen. Even if you deem the advice inferior, they probably have a value that can help you one way or another. Think a little more..

Total opposite with the top post,
There is this guy with total disregard for his flaws.
Yes there is a good thing but to only a certain point.
When you know you have a flaw, improve on it slowly without it consuming you.
But that's not the case this time.
I know its mean for me calling you dumb but BITCH! START STUDYING!!
Im not the smartest person in class but i can confirm with you that you are the dumbest and the laziest person in class and at the end of the year, you will regret, when everyone is going to their desired uni, you will be stuck with horrible results that cant get you far in life.
Getting single digits aren't a laughing matter and you mixing with friends that don't care about your well being don't help either.
I hope you wake up and break from your fantasy world before its too late.

I care about people too much sometimes.. In addition to my breathing problems, i have minor headaches all through the day now, woke up with a killer shoulder muscle ache that hurts so badlyyyy. I am not a happy boy now.. :(



  1. Hey, take care yea...if the headaches persist..then you better go see a doctor...

    Cheer up !!!


  2. Hmmm I actually prefer the second kind of people to the first. It's an equation of tolerance I guess, between the egotistical and the self-pitying but then again at least the egotistical is upfront about it... and its easier to ignore someone who is so full of him/herself in the first place anyway.

    But bring in the self-pitying individual on the other hand... now I like to believe that there's only a certain extent to which a person can hate him/herself... everything else that comes afterwards is just a desperate cry for, or fishing of attention and everyone who gives in to that is just being a sucker. As they say, hook, like and sinker. Then again... there are those who genuinely have self-esteem issues which, in the long run becomes almost as annoying as those who are too full up their own asses they can't see the light but you know... I suppose then it becomes an actual "condition" which just makes it all that much harder to ignore.

    Just my two cents~

  3. Positive thinking is the power that you can only experience the strength when you really believe it and 'perform' it..

    as days full of challenges and unpredictable negative issues, anyway, all can be overcome by believing the positive thinking..

    it's a long run process, it works to me and my friends who believe so :-)

  4. @chen Xing, thanks!! I feel much better now. :)

    @Cyren, You have a point.. but being close to the egotistical person i really dont want to see him fall.. And what 2 cents? Its like Rm20 dy.. :P

    @ah Giap. im a pessimist at heart unfortunately but getting more and more optimistic about life as time goes by. :P

    @ooi29.. who the guy?.. lol