Friday, 4 November 2011

100 : Poem from a loved one.

"A chapter over,
another page turned,
another heart broken,
another lesson learned,
there are times we will cry, there are times we will fall,
but other times we learn, he wasn't worth it at all."
-Cyren Wong 2011

Haha, 100th post dedicated for you my dear friend Cyren! Thanks for always being there for me!!
Now stop staying over in uni before you get raped by a *ghost.

*Ray in a ghost costume? haha



  1. Did you know that letters, like "U" and "R", can be put together to mean words, like "you" and "are".

    For example;
    U R too sweet!!!

  2. I hope this isn't what I think it is, but it does sound like it. If it is, I'm really sorry.. cuz I know how it feels! But hang in there. When things are this bad, it can only get better. x

  3. Thanks guys! I will survive!! Im getting better as the days go! XD

  4. Meanwhile, with all the time I've been spending talking to you you better be getting better :P