Saturday, 26 November 2011

115 : Crushes

First of all, thank you all so much for your feedback on Melbourne or Perth! I shall ponder over it a while more and make a decision as soon as my results permit. 
♥ you guys!
Recently i was going through my picture folders in my computer and found pictures of my student exchange to japan 2009. Looking through them i remember i had a crush on a guy that was in the same trip! Lets call him "H"
One of the lovely streets of japan!

I remembered in the airport itself i had my eye on him.. He was surrounded by a group of friends, came across me as the popular type, chances of getting close to him was minute. Will just admire him from a far i guess..

No, he isnt the hunky build type, just an average build guy, shorter then me. I just
  thought he was really cute.

Unknowing how it happened, less then 24 hours later, i was best friends with him!! We chat a lot and really connected. We had many similarities, the way we think, the way we work, etc. Except for one thing.. He has a girlfriend.. Gasp, another straight one that caught my heart.

I'm sure most of you guys know about the public hot springs bathing in japan right?
Where stripping nude was mandatory, asset exposures was inevitable. Perfect playground for wondering eyes.. No, nothing happened there, but i did get to catch japan's national volleyball team soaking there. one word, HOT!! Freaking toned muscles, sharp japanese features and nice assets too if you may.. haha!

That aside, we stayed in a youth hostel. Each dorm had bathrooms that were like little public baths, equipped with a a large tub and 3 stools for showering. On the last night in the youth hostel, H and i were chatting with 2 other malaysian girls till late. By the time we came back to the guys dorm, most of them had already taken their baths and slept. So we both decided to go take a bath!

So awkward!! Stripping nude beside a friend! Any how, we both got in the bathing room and sat on the stools and showered. During that time.. i awkwardly got a boner.. a full hard on... i have no idea why..  I had to sit there for 10 minutes pretending to wash my hair waiting for the boner to go down! So paiseh!! What if he saw?? After showering people usually go soak in the hot spring water to warm the body. The second it went down i immediately went in the tub which he was already in. Gahhh!! Too bad he couldn't stand the heat and left shortly after.. I just soaked there thinking about my self embarrassment which thank god he did not notice..

Now after 2 years, we seldom keep in contact anymore. He stays in Johor while Im in KL. Another contributing factor would be i dont understand his written English since he is a Chinese speaker but cant read chinese..

Just one of my many crush stories i shall offer to you all for entertainment purposes..

I have been watching victorian secret fashion shows.. OMG!~ The angels!! I love their wings so much!! So beautiful!!


Till next time,


  1. Yup, love that runway walk. Waiting for this year's one to hit the net.

  2. hi ck, do u mind giving me ur numbers? :D

  3. hahahahaha u didn't get a hardon when u saw the volleyball team?? :P
    I've always wanted to try out these public baths. too bad don't have here in M'sia..

  4. @JBoy:
    Pergi sauna lo

    Surprised you did not have a perpetual hardon. LOL

  5. To chenxing, do let me know when it comes out! XD

    To Jboy, Cannot get a hard on while soaking in the close to boiling water la.. lol!

    To William, Lol, you will be surprised what you can think of to get it down.. haha