Monday, 28 November 2011

116: Brotherly love

While in a restaurant waiting for the food, i catch a glimpse of a familiar face through a small tainted window of a door to a private room. There was a party going on in there. Being unsure i nudge my brother for the confirmation i needed. He looked like someone from my college group.

"Hm.. I'll sms him and see if its really him"

The second i sent the message, my brother confirmed it was really him with the sighting of another college mate, A. Excited, i decided to give him a call.

Ck : Eh Longkang!! Keluar!!!
A   : Huh?
Ck : Come outtt!!
A   : Wait ah~

A opened the door, looked around and saw me. Surprised, He then proceeded to run towards my table. He was so cute! Reached my table, politely greeted my parents and brother, then gave me a warm hug he always gives me. He was in a high school party and i so happen was having dinner in the same restaurant, seated on a chair perfectly angled to face that door. What stroke of coincidence right?

My "longkang" brother. The closest friend i had in college and the one i will miss most dearly.
He never fails to make me happy when he is around. Humble, selfless and a good friend.
Once, my parents got lost while finding a location near his house and A actually drove all the way from his house to lead us to our destination!
Yes sadly, he is straight..
Just really happy to have a friend like him. I dont love him in a crush way but a brotherly way.

Ahh.. I will miss my longkang bother so much!

Anyone else has a "longkang" brother? haha!



  1. All I have, is sisterly love...

    Sigh, how I wish I can have a brother to look up and seek advice.

  2. Longkang brother? That's a new term for me!

  3. do you consider gay friends who are in the brother age range that always help you but not sure what their ultimate intention longkang brother?!?!?!

  4. LOL i think my gym hottie is turning to a 'bro' for me.. I mean that's how he treats me now... a Bro. LOL LOL LOL

  5. What does "Longkang" means?
    Is that a hokkien or cantonese word?