Thursday, 3 November 2011

99 : Young Activist

Today Cyren introduced me to a young boy.
Whats so special about him?
The way he comments on hate groups and fight for rights.
My god, his only 16!!

One of his many comments :
"Don't you think it's a little too far to go to an extent where you create a HATE-group to prevent people who share consensual love to be together mainly using 'Allah' or 'God' as a base point? I understand Malaysia is a secular country but we are forgetting something far more important here. Do you actually think god or any higher-being whatsoever would approve of your condemnation and hate towards other people who are clearly harmless and in no way whatsoever has any inclination that would hurt others?

What the couples in the pictures are doing is nothing but merely love between each other and for the child, what's so wrong with that? I'm really confused! Do you have any idea at all how many teenagers have killed themselves because they were gay?Because of the discrimination from society? And in case if you didn't know, NO ONE CHOSE TO BE GAY anymore than you chose to be straight! Why would someone choose to be hated or discriminated by the society or worse of all, having to face the extremely scary process of telling your conservative parents that might kick you out, that you are gay? Wouldn't life be easier if we were all straight?

But guess what? Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people do exist in this world and nothing can change that. So why the hell are you hating on them for something they cannot change when you can just accept them for who they are and make this world a better place to be in? FUN FACT : Homosexuality exists in over 400+ species in animals, but homoPHOBIA only exists in one, which is the human species. Which one is unnatural now? Worst of all you are taking away their rights as a human being to love merely because of their sexual orientation. This is just sad.

I really don't know what is this 'keakhiran zaman' you guys are speaking of. If there's any cause of 'keakhiran zaman', it's ignorance. It's far more easier to hate than to actually try and understand. Please do a proper research and make sure you actually understand the LGBTQ community before you condemn them. Good day

He writes like a pro! Im sure he will do well in uni research projects.. LOL
Really admire how he is so active is defending our rights.
When i was his age i was still crushing over my first love. lol!
Feel so bad that the longest post in my blog aren't even my words..

What were you guys doing at the age of 16? Closet? Having "fun"? haha



  1. At 16 I was still a virgin.. loud & proud :P
    Even though I knew I liked guys, I was way too busy with co-curricular activities in school to venture into the PLU community.

    And you're right.. this boy is awesome. I bet he would ace English in SPM (including 1119 if they still have that now) hahahaha :P

  2. Hahaha oh my god... KAYLEX!!!! Nanti kalau dia jumpa blog you and come after me, I'LL come after you! LOL. Meanwhile he is amazing!!! Such a talented young thing he is. Very rare I can write one of my essay-responses on gender/sexuality and have someone understand it. Much less someone of his age. Oh well, if he ever hopes to leave the field of science and ventures into social sciences instead... maybe I'll be a doctor by then and have the privilege of supervising his first dissertation :)

  3. Good that we have such advocates on our side :) Hopefully he stays on and fights for the issues that he holds close to his heart.