Wednesday, 16 November 2011

109 : Reality

Everyone has an ideal person in mind, but i was just wondering how many of us really get our ideal person?..
So far since form 4, i fell hard for 2 guys, both not my ideal, yet they were both similar..
Am i kidding myself with my ideal? Do i make sense?
To me an ideal guy is a guy that is perfect in my eyes, and totally out of my league.

Recently, one of my friend found a guy, not his type but he seems really happy with him.
Just really happy for him yet quite sad that im single..
I know.. There is nothing wrong with being single but i just really miss the warmth i felt when i hugged KL..
Just only today i woke up from a dream that i got to met him again...

Okay... I totally lost the aim for this post.. 
Prom was yesterday..
Performed a dance, went wild with friends on the open dance floor, and drop my camera and it broke..
Surprisingly, the only person that caught my eye was a teacher.. haha?

Too fancy?

Quite confuse with life's direction,


  1. Aiiiyo,

    will you like... less emo if I told you that I really, really LOVE those sparklies on your tie?

    come come *hugs*

  2. Urkk!! You broke your camera!! Boys gone wild~

    Haha. Did duckie attend the prom? =P

  3. I think it's perfectly fine to have ideals, but that doesn't mean we can't be happy with someone who doesn't exactly fit the profile.

    Because sometimes life is surprising in that the people we end up falling for weren't exactly what we were expecting.. But when you like someone enough, you tend to accept their qualities and learn to like who they are even though it's not our ideal.

  4. Shall get you a GPS or compass for this Christmas then.

  5. I don't think we choose who we fall in love with. I mean, everyone has their "ideal boyfriend" in the head right. But we all end up being with someone other than the "ideal boyfriend".

    I just read J-boy's comment after I typed all of this and I agree with him.